Care & Guarantee

Caring for your new Houseplant is a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be a challenge if problems arise. The most common problem is a result of overwatering. Get into a habit of feeling your soil a finger's length down. For most plants, when the soil goes dry to the touch it's time to give your plant a thorough soak until you see water come out of the bottom of your pot. The frequency of needing to water your plant is most likely not going to be more than once a week, and depending on the plant, can be upwards of once a month. For more information on watering, refer to your plant's product page or Contact Us

Our houseplants are meticulously cared for and delivered with quality in mind. In order to prevent the spread of pests/diseases to our plants, we do not offer any returns on living plant material after a delivery is accepted. Therefore, please inspect your houseplants thoroughly before accepting the delivery. If at any point after accepting the delivery you are unhappy, please Contact Us. We are always open to working with you if you are not 100% satisfied. Non living plant material (soil, pottery, etc) can be returned undamaged for store credit within 7 days.