• What is your return policy?

    Our plants are meticulously cared for and delivered with quality in mind. In order to prevent the spread of pests and/or diseases to our plants, we do not offer any returns on living plants or perishable materials not installed by Chelsea Garden Center after a delivery or pickup is accepted. Please inspect your items thoroughly and make sure you are satisfied with them before accepting the delivery or pickup. Accepted pickups/deliveries are final. If at any point after accepting the delivery or pickup you are unhappy, please contact us. We are always open to working with you if you are not 100% satisfied. Non-living plant materials (soil, pottery, etc) can be returned undamaged for store credit within 7 days. We do not issue cash or credit card refunds.

    If you have ordered one of our Christmas trees and for any reason you are not happy, please Contact Us as soon as possible.

  • Do you have a plant guarantee?

    All trees and shrubs installed by Chelsea Garden Center, Inc. are guaranteed for 100% free replacement (variety depending on availability) within 90 days from date of original planting, not to include overwintering.This guarantee applies only to trees and shrubs; it does not include labor, delivery fees, and additional materials, which are an added charge. This guarantee does not apply to any losses due to neglect, winter-damage, or acts of God, nor does this guarantee apply to plants not installed by Chelsea Garden Center, Inc.

  • If I don’t see something available online or in your store, could you special order it for me?

    We love taking special orders! Please call our store to speak to a representative about what you would like to order. Special orders on out-of-stock items (including plants, custom-planters, furniture, and concrete merchandise) require a 50% deposit. In the event that we are unable to fill your special order, your deposit will be fully refundable. Arrival time for special orders may vary and cannot be guaranteed.

  • What type of payments do you accept in store?

    In addition to cash, we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, debit cards and personal checks (with a valid driver’s license).

  • What is your delivery area?

    Our flat rate online delivery zones are listed below. Live in the Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens area but are outside of our delivery zone?

    Contact us to discuss your options or choose in-store pickup at checkout.

  • When can my plants be delivered?

    When you are ready to check out, you can choose your delivery day and time window. If you need your order delivered outside of the available time slots, our staff will do its best to find a time that works for you. Due to the uncertainties of NYC traffic, we unfortunately can not provide a more narrow window of time for our deliveries.

  • Do I need to be home for my delivery?

    Customers are required to be present during their entire scheduled delivery time. If you or a designated representative are not present for your scheduled delivery, you will be charged a redelivery fee of $40.00 and rescheduled for another available delivery window. Due to the sensitive nature of plants, we will not leave your plants in front of your building, on a doorstep, or in an unattended lobby.

  • How can I change my delivery date or time?

    f you need to make any changes to your scheduled delivery, please contact us with your name and order number. Delivery windows can be canceled or changed with 24 hours’ notice. Any cancellations or changes within 24 hours of your delivery window will be charged a redelivery fee of $40.00.

  • What is your pickup policy?

    You can pick up your plants any time on the day you selected at checkout. Please make sure to inspect your plants upon pickup to ensure you are happy with them before leaving. If you arrive at the store and would like to swap your plant out for another of the same variety or price, you certainly can! Once plants are picked up and leave our store, they can not be returned.

  • Can someone else pick up my order for me?

    Of course! Make sure the person who picks up your order provides your name upon arrival. Per our pickup policy, once plants leave our store, they can not be returned. If you have someone else pick up your plants for you, make sure they are satisfied with the look of your plant. We do not accept plant returns if someone else picks up your order for you and you are unhappy with the plant selection.

  • Do you rent plants for events or photo/video shoots?

    We do! Please call our store to speak to a representative about renting plants for your next event or shoot. There is a minimum rental fee of $300. We require a 50% deposit on the full price of the item being rented and will ask that you leave a credit card number on file as insurance against loss, damage, or delayed return of the rented products. All rented plants and materials must be returned in good condition within 24 hours. Any plants or materials that incur damage during the rental period will be refused upon return, and the full cost of the item will be charged to the client.

  • My houseplant doesn’t seem to be doing too well. Please help.

    Caring for your new houseplant is a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be a challenge if problems arise. The most common problem is overwatering. We recommend you get into the habit of feeling your soil. Insert your finger down about 1-2” into the soil in your plant pot. For most plants, if the soil is dry to the touch, they are ready for a thorough soak. If the soil is still moist from your last watering, wait a couple more days and then check the soil again. If it’s dry and time for watering, soak your plant until you see water come out of the bottom of your pot. Remove any excess water immediately so it does not “stand” in the pot. If you are still having issues with your plant, please contact us, and one of our plant experts will get back to you within 24-48hours.

  • Why does my plant or tree look different from the photo?

    Plants and trees are never uniform in size, shape or leaf structure. We do our best to offer photos and descriptions that capture a general idea of what your plant or tree will look like, but please keep in mind that these are representations of what your actual product will look like. Please inspect all  your plants and trees upon delivery or pickup. Accepted plant items can not be returned.

  • What is your code of ethics?

    We recognize that as members of the gardening industry, we are stewards of the gifts of nature - gifts upon which the global environment’s well being and the health and peace of mind of its citizens depend. We conduct our business and ourselves with all the diligence and responsibility that stewardship requires. We are fair, just, and helpful to all our customers, and we work hard to gain the confidence and respect of the local communities we serve and the industry at large. We continually develop our skills to advance our qualifications and proficiency in the green industry and its evolving practices.

  • How should I care for my Christmas tree?

    Our fresh Fraser Firs are one of the longest lasting Christmas trees available! With proper watering, your tree should last you well past the holidays. Make sure you check the dish of your tree stand daily to ensure there is enough water. We also recommend adding Prolong to your tree stand reservoir to keep your tree hydrated. Keep in mind, your tree will take up more water in the first week after you bring it home. That is the most critical time to keep it well hydrated.