Did you know that you can continue planting well into the winter season? As long as the ground hasn’t frozen, now is the time to plant a slew of winter hardy evergreens. Take a look below at some of our favorites!


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Chamaecyparis thyoides ‘Red Star’

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We are in love with this dense star-shaped, blue-green foliage — especially since it turns a warm purple-red in winter light! Plant in full sun for the richest color but part shade works as well.

Eastern White Pine

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The historic Eastern White Pine has been used in everything from Native American herbal remedies to the construction of century old homes. A great tree for creating shade in wide open spaces.

Juniperus procumbens ‘Nana’

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The ‘Nana’ Juniper variety is a dwarf, less vigorous form perfect for those tiny backyards needing some evergreen ground coverage. Typically grows 8-12” tall and spreads to 6’ wide over time. The blue green foliage may turn purplish in winter!

Baby Blue Spruce

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Another great option for those small NYC yards! This mini dwarf Blue Spruce fits perfectly in corners or up against the side of a building. Does extremely well in colder conditions and really adds a striking blue color to your garden!

Ilex crenata ‘Sky Pencil’

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One of our all time favorite space saving evergreens. The ‘Sky Pencil’ maintains it’s dense, multi-branched columnar shape without the need for constant pruning. Has the potential to grow 10′ tall by 2-3′ wide.

Boxwood ‘Winter Gem’

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Nothing says classic like a ‘Winter Gem’ Boxwood. Its dense, evergreen growth makes it perfect for shaping into small mounding hedges. Looks so nice up against a brick wall!