Now is the perfect time to fill out your urban oasis with a couple of large statement trees. Our below picks start strong with pops of flowers and then transition to beautiful foliage all season long.

Flowering Crabapple Trees

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Not many trees can match the beauty of a flowering Crabapple! Plant Crabapples in full sun for flowers that start in April and end in early June. When flowers subside they continue to provide beautiful foliage through the fall and fruit late in the season. The Crabapple fruit is technically edible, but not appetizing due to it’s bitter taste.

  • Malus ‘Louisa’
  • Malus ‘Prairifire’


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Need to elevate the tone of your garden? Look no further! Redbud Trees add elegance to any space and is the harbinger of spring with it’s early, delicate blossoms. The stunning pea-like flowers bloom on bare branches before foliage emerges. Plant in sun to part shade areas.

  • Cercis ‘Merlot’
  • Cercis ‘Ruby Falls’


Who needs a Whole Foods when you have your backyard! Plant Cherry Trees in full sun for delicious home grown fruit. It’s recommended to plant at least two or three trees to ensure pollination year after year. A mature, standard size Cherry Tree will produce 30 to 50 quarts of fruit each year!