Our yard is chock full of flowering bushes ready to lend color to your outdoor space. Check out a few of our favorites below!


How can you resist these pendant, heart-shaped blooms? Don’t let their delicate looks deceive you though — Dicentras (or Bleeding Hearts) are sturdy, trouble-free plants that do well in partial to full shade. Pair these plants with a summer companion to avoid bare spots during the heat of summer, Bleeding Hearts will go dormant during dry conditions!

  • Gold Heart
  • Luxuriant
  • Spectabilis

Forsythia ‘Show Off’

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These extremely fast growing, bright yellow flowering bushes are perfect for those set it and forget it gardeners looking for a pop of color! Forsythia bushes are one of the earliest spring bloomers and are great options for full sun to part shade spots that need quick coverage.


In stock now, call for availability.

Like the Forsythia, Rhododendrons are another rewarding flowering shrub that is easy to take care of. Their huge clusters of bright flowers will bloom heavily for weeks without so much as a fuss from the busy gardener! Pick your color and get planting — perfect for full sun to partly shaded areas.

  • Azurro
  • Capistrano
  • Cat. Album
  • Cat. Boursault
  • Olga Mezitt
  • PJM
  • Polarnacht