Company Policies


All trees and shrubs installed by Chelsea Garden Center, Inc. are guaranteed for 100% free replacement (variety depending on availability) within 90 days from date of original planting, not to include overwintering.

This guarantee applies only to trees and shrubs; it does not include labor, delivery fees, and additional materials, which are an added charge. This guarantee does not apply to any losses due to neglect, winter-damage, or acts of God, nor does this guarantee apply to plants not installed by Chelsea Garden Center, Inc.

Rental Policy
There is a minimum rental fee of $300.

All rented materials must be returned within 24 hours, and must remain in good condition. (Any plants or other materials which incur damage during a rental period will be refused upon return and the full cost of the item will be charged to the client).

The customer will be charged 50% of the full price of the item being rented and must leave a credit card number on file (as insurance against loss, damage, or delayed returned of the rented products).

Special Orders Policy
Special orders on out-of-stock items (including plants, custom-planters, furniture, and concrete merchandise) require a 50% deposit.  (In the event that we are unable to fill your special-order-item, deposit is fully refundable).

Arrival time for special orders may vary, and cannot be guaranteed.

Returns or Refunds
Perishable items that are not installed by Chelsea Garden Center staff are non-refundable and non-returnable. (Perishable items include all indoor and outdoor plants, pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers).

Non-perishable items can be returned to Chelsea Garden Center within 7 days of purchase, with receipt, for store credit only. We issue no cash or credit card refunds.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, debit cards and personal checks (with a valid driver’s license).

Non-profit organizations must present tax-exemption ID number/certificate at time of purchase; tax exemption cannot be given retroactively.

Code of Ethics
To recognize, as a member of the gardening industry, that I am a steward of the gifts of nature, upon which the global environment’s well being and the health and peace of mind of its citizens depend. To conduct my business and myself with all the diligence and responsibility that stewardship requires.

To be fair, just, and helpful to all who are my customers, conducting my business so as to gain the respect and confidence of the general public for our industry.

To progress in all ways possible in my qualifications and proficiency as a member of the industry.