Easy Care Plants

When you are living that busy NYC lifestyle, our easy to care for houseplants will add some much needed greenery to your home without all of the fuss. These plants are perfect for green thumb beginners or for those notorious black thumbs out there! Order online for Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens delivery or FREE in store pickup. 


Looking for more of a tactile plant experience? Visit one of our two retail locations. Both are jam packed with new houseplants, and our team can assist in answering any questions you have about planting and care. 

Sansevieria Fernwood Small Regular price $29.95
Hoya Affinis Regular price $29.95
Anthurium Hookeri Variegated Regular price $29.95
White Phalaenopsis (Orchids) Regular price $49.95
Syngonium Albo Regular price $39
Monstera Standleyana Albo  Regular price $59.95
Alocasia Dragon Tooth  Regular price $29.95
Cat Palm Large Regular price $150 +
Spider Plant Hanging Basket Regular price $34.95
Neon Pothos Hanging Basket Regular price $39.95
Neanthe Bella Palm Small Regular price $24.95 +
Hoya Krohniana Splash Regular price $39.95
Hoya Caudata Sumatra  Regular price $49.95
Cat Palm Medium Regular price $69.95 +