Tomato Care Tips
Light: Tomatoes thrive in full sun, for 6+ hours!  
Spacing: When planting tomatoes keep spacing in mind, tomatoes can suffer from blight if they are planted to close together with little airflow.
Watering: Water the base of the root system rather than overhead. Tomatoes benefit from deep watering, meaning water your tomato plants for a longer period fewer times a week,  instead of a little bit of water each day. Deep watering allows for the roots to dive down and anchor the plant.
Growth habit: Tomatoes are either determinate or indeterminate. Determinate or bush varieties stop growing at about 3 feet tall. Indeterminate varieties will keep on producing fruit throughout the season as well as continue sprawling until the plant is killed by frost. 
Support: Where your tomato’s growth habit is the determinate or indeterminate structural support of some sort will be handed. Whether that is a tomato cage or bamboo stakes.